Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Would You Believe It's Been Too Quiet?

Oh boy our house has been really, really quiet for the past two days. Mainly because Mark is asleep most of the time the boys are back at school and there is no one about to be annoyed by fight with talk to. It may have been quiet but I have been busy :D

Angus is now in Year 10. My baby is in the senior part of his schooling. How on earth did that happen? When did he grow up so much? Seriously though he has grown too. He's my height now and is trying ever so hard to make himself taller than me. Even if it means stepping on his tippy toes! He'll get there but gosh let me be as tall as you are for a little while there mister!

Brodie started at The GETT Centre which is part of GippsTAFE in Traralgon yesterday (that's around 69 km [43 miles] or a 50 minute drive down the freeway). He's going there for 2 and a half days a week for the time being with the possibility of increasing his time there depending on how he is coping with it all. I drove him there yesterday morning for his first day but he caught the train home. Today he travelled both ways on the train. I am so proud of him for doing that too. He has this BIG thing about travelling on public transport. He detests it. Brodie did say tonight when he walked in the door that he is getting used to the train though. Things are definitely looking up!

Since I drove all that way to Traralgon I thought that I should make my trip worth my while. I stopped at Spotlight on my way home (after I stopped of for a breakfast muffin at McDonald's, what can I say other than I was hungry).

I picked up some more yarn (all acrylic). I have no idea what I will make with it yet. For now its just sitting in a bag waiting to be sorted into my stash containers.

I also bought 2 metres of this pretty floral material. It looks white in the photo but its really a light cream colour. I made that into a t-shirt/blouse today. I wont bore you with photos of that today though. I'll save them for another time :D
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