Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's More Australian Than A Barbecue?

Since Australia Day is this week (tomorrow actually) I thought I would share this fun recipe video that I found. What's more Australian than a barbecue? A barbecue biscuit perhaps.

Of course I had to share Sam Kekovich's new commercial for this years Australia Day. I just can't believe that Sam was actually singing ... At least this fits in with the BBQ theme :D

For those who don't know who Sam is he's a bit of an eccentric former Aussie Rules Footballer who is very passionate about Aussies eating lamb on Australia (and Mother's Day for that matter) He even goes as far as calling himself a Lambassador (o_0) 
While he is not everyone's cup of tea (he is a bit over the top sometimes) he provides a laugh for many Australians.

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