Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oops I didn't Post Yesterday

Oops I didn't post yesterday (o_0) in fact I didn't spend much time at my computer at all. It's this icky humid weather. It kind of knocks me for six!

While I was NOT at my computer yesterday I watched part of a new show on TV. My kind of show too Country Music TV. I'm thinking it will become part of my regular Saturday morning viewing :D

While watching it I saw a new video from Shannon Noll. I've loved his voice ever since he was a contestant on the first Australian Idol. I found the video for his new song "My Place In The Line". I really like it.
I hope the video works for eveyone this time. Sorry if it doesn't.

I'm off to sit in front of the air-conditioner. It's going to be another warm one today :-S
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