Monday, January 02, 2012

As Bright As A Button

On my Thankful Thursday post the other day I mentioned that Mark encourages me to go shopping for yarn. When your other half says go shopping what else can you do but do as he suggested. I wouldn't want to disappoint him (o_0) So I went to my favourite store (Spotlight) and bought a couple of balls of yarn that I needed (yes I really did need these ones, in a pale cream colour) so I could continue making my knitted toys. Although I have started crocheting a couple of things because I wanted to make some quick items to use up some of my stash that didn't fit into the containers that I have.

Anyway back to my story (I got a little side tracked) while I was at Spotlight I picked up some really cute BRIGHT buttons! A whole bag of them. Of course I took some photos so show you what they look like.

Here's a small selection: lady birds, hearts, apples, stars, flowers, teapots and a whale.

Angus & I had fun sorting them.

Mark even gave me a container to put them all. I owe him a new one but he said I'm not allowed to buy him a pink one (like my other container). I have no idea why :P lol

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