Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet Me On Monday - Christmas Edition

Meet Me On Monday is hosted by Java at Never Growing Old.


1.Wrapping paper or gift bags? I wrap gifts but I use gift bags too. It makes it easier to carry the presents.

2.Real or artificial tree? Artificial. It's much easier to clean up afterwards :D

3.When do you put your tree up? On December 1st after Angus's birthday

4.When do you take your tree down? January 6th 

5.Do you like eggnog? Love it but only the non-alcoholic version

6.Do you have a nativity scene? No I don't but I have thought of knitting one.

7.Favorite Christmas Movie? I like the Santa Clause movies but White Christmas is good too.

8.Favorite Christmas cookie? I don't have a favourite Christmas cookie.

9.Where will you eat Christmas dinner? At home. We're celebrating on Christmas Eve.

10.Angel, bow or star on top of your tree? We have a big red star.

11.Most annoying thing about this time of the year? The crazy people in the shops and the ones that go overboard with their political correctness. Christmas is for the kids and for family & they tend to suck the fun out of everything.

12.Do you like Fruitcake? Love it!

13.What are you most excited about the holidays? Sleeping in. School holidays officially start tomorrow & I can sleep in every day until school starts back next February.

14.Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? When I was little we were allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. I used to get so excited about it. When the boys were smaller we used to open them Christmas morning but now that they are older and we celebrate on Christmas Eve they get to open their presents after tea. That way we can have a lazy Christmas morning.

15.Will you still be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve? Nope I have a couple to finish wrapping and then I'm all done.


Susan said...

Thank you for dropping by, Jo-anne. It's always nice when you grace my page. Merry Christmas to you too.

Ricardo MiƱana said...

These days I wish peace and happiness come to your house.
Happy Holidays!.
a hug.

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Thank you Susan :)

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Thank you Ricardo :)

mostraum said...

A knitted nativity scene, really. I'd love to see a picture when you're done.
Sleeping in sounds wonderful.
Merry Christmas :-)

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Thank you mostraum. I don't think I will get around to making a knitted nativity scene this year but I will definitely aim to make one next year :)

Glo Haynes said...

Hey Blossy thanks for dropping by! I agree with you about the political correctness and that Christmas is for kids, they really make the holiday. After reading you answer to number 11 I realized I forgot to answer that one! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and the brightest of New Years!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for stopping by Jo-anne. I hope your family has a very Merry Christmas!!!

ArtyMarti said...

I would love to see your knitted nativity. I can imagine that it is very cute.

Coupon Queen said...

Merry Christmas Jo-anne! Enjoy your sleeping in, egg nog and Fruitcake, all great things! :) (Glad to know I am not alone on those.)

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Hi Glo Haynes, thank you for visiting :)

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Thank you Elizabeth :)

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Thanks ArtyMarti. I promise if I make one there will be photos :)

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Thank you Coupon Queen :)

Vicky said...

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy all your sleep-ins until February. :)

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

Thank you Vicky :)

Heather said...

I was going through MMOM withdrawl - so I've resurrected it on Acting Balanced until Java starts posting again - please feel free to stop by and check out this week's questions at