Friday, November 25, 2011

My New Knitting Book

I bought another Jean Greenhowe pattern book. This time it's the Storybook dolls.
I took photos of some of the dolls to share with you. There's also a Tooth Fairy and a Christmas Fairy. They look pretty much like Maid Marion & the Princess with wings.

Robin Hood & Maid Marion
I don't mind the look of Robin Hood and Maid Marion. In fact I loved watching the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood. Although I don't mind Kevin Costner's version either. Mainly because Alan Rickman is in it. Hmm I may even watch it over the weekend. Angus has been asking to watch that movie for a while now.

What a cute little cowboy. I am thinking that Zavier (my nephew) may like this one or the pirate.


Prince & Princess
Perhaps I could make for my niece, Moya-May, might like one of these dolls to play with when she is a little older. They would be perfect for a toddler being all soft & squishy.. Just as long as I make sure the pieces don't come off. I don't want any choking hazards.

I'm wondering which one I should make first. Which one would you choose?


PoetessWug said...

Don't ask me!! LOL Personally...I wouldn't make any of them! You know me and my crocheted dolls and animals! UGH! My 'Wuglyee Bear' was IT for me!!...But you have fun!! ^_^

Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

lol Poetess don't worry I will have fun :) Your Wuglyee is cute!