Friday, November 25, 2011

My New Knitting Book

I bought another Jean Greenhowe pattern book. This time it's the Storybook dolls.
I took photos of some of the dolls to share with you. There's also a Tooth Fairy and a Christmas Fairy. They look pretty much like Maid Marion & the Princess with wings.

Robin Hood & Maid Marion
I don't mind the look of Robin Hood and Maid Marion. In fact I loved watching the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood. Although I don't mind Kevin Costner's version either. Mainly because Alan Rickman is in it. Hmm I may even watch it over the weekend. Angus has been asking to watch that movie for a while now.

What a cute little cowboy. I am thinking that Zavier (my nephew) may like this one or the pirate.


Prince & Princess
Perhaps I could make for my niece, Moya-May, might like one of these dolls to play with when she is a little older. They would be perfect for a toddler being all soft & squishy.. Just as long as I make sure the pieces don't come off. I don't want any choking hazards.

I'm wondering which one I should make first. Which one would you choose?
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