Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Angus!


I can't believe that my little man turned 15 today! 
Where has the time gone? 
I promised him that I wouldn't embarrass him too much :D by plastering his photo all over my blog but hey what is a Mum to do when it's her BABY's birthday?!

Feb 1997 - 10 weeks old
He was such a cute and well behaved baby.
It's a shame that I didn't have any photos of him as a toddler on my computer. He was super cute then! Although he constantly had a dummy (pacifier) in his mouth.

Feb 2001 - Age 4
He grew into a cute kindy kid. He loved kindy so much but he was terrified when he 'graduated' and went to BIG school. He used to cry so much that he made himself sick. 
I remember one time when I was at work my Dad took him to school. Angus cried so much that Dad brought him to my work. My friend Elaine told him to take him back to school and that said that Angus would soon settle down. Dad took him back but it still took a while for Angus to settle. In fact it took him a few weeks before he got go to school without crying.

Feb 2006 - at age 9
My little cheeky chops. He still pokes that tongue out at people.

May 2008 - at Age 11
He was my little Dragon when he played soccer. He got most improved player at the end of the season. WTG champ!

April 2011 - Age 14

 See cutie I didn't embarrass you too much :P 

Happy Birthday Rexy!!
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