Monday, October 17, 2011

I Saw My Diabetes Educator Today

I had a visit with Karen, my Diabetes, this morning. It was a pretty good visit too :-)

We talked about the new a1c results and my cholesterol (they were the only levels I could remember) and how good they were. My GP was meant to send her the results of my tests but had forgotten too (I need to remember to ask the clinic to forward a copy on to Karen. Don't let me forget ok)

Of course we had a discussion on some other 'numbers' I need to keep track of too. For things like
  • blood pressure - I need to aim for less that 130/80 & today it was really good 110/80
  • Cholesterol - knowing the LDL & HDL levels not just the over all level. (LDL, the bad cholesterol, needs to be less than 2.5 mmo/l and HDL, the good cholesterol, needs to be more than 1.0 mmo/l to help protect the heart & blood vessels).
We also talked about things like my eyes, kidneys, nerves etc. That's when I told Karen I went to the optometrist a few of weeks a go to have my eyes tested & how good things were going. Thankfully my eyes & blurrier vision was 'normal' deterioration (just a sign of getting older :P ) and had nothing to do with my diabetes.

I also told Karen how my BGL's were a bit higher than normal last week when I had my toothache. She said that it's normal to have higher readings. That on my 'sick' says when I am feeling unwell, in pain, stressed or I have an infection I should test my BGL more frequently especially if I have a reading higher than 8.9. I also need to drink more water on those days. Karen gave me a print out on what to do on my sick days so I know what to do next time. It's pretty much what I was doing but just have more fluids.

Considering how well things are going I don't need to go back until the middle of April next year. Which I think is pretty good.
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