Sunday, October 23, 2011

Armageddon Expo 2011

Yesterday the boys and I went into Melbourne for the Armageddon Expo. We had such a wonderful time!

I got so excited when I saw Adrian Paul wandering around. He's from the TV series of Highlander. He is even better looking than he was on the TV. I was in super-geek mode when I saw him. I almost wanted to shout out "there can be only one!"

CosPlayer - Doctor Who.

CosPlayer - Codex

Amanda Tapping - She was signing Brodie' Autograph here.
We had to wait several hours for Amanda Tapping's autograph. They had overbooked her photo sessions. In fact we were told that they oversold triple the amount they expected. It took 3 hours before we got to the front of the line to get her autograph. It was so worth it. Amanda has the best smile ever. She is super friendly and has a beautiful accent. I think I have a bit of a girl crush on her! I ♥ Amanda!

CosPlayers - Amy Pond & River Song

Cosplayers - Invader Zim, Gir & Piggy. (Cartoon characters)

The Delorian from Back to the Future

Cosplayers - Pokemon characters (?)

Cosplayers - Pirates

Robin Dunne & Agam Darshi from Sanctuary.
Robin is absolutely gorgeous to look at ♥
We saw Robin Dunne. OMGosh he is fantastic eye-candy! Brodie has a HUGE crush on Agam Darshi! He likes her so much that he had two professional photos taken with her. The security guy at the photo booth said that Brodie was greedy for wanting two pictures. 

CosPlayers - Storm Troopers

Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor Who) & Louise Jameson (Leela from Doctor Who)
Sylvester McCoy & Louise Jameson were outside taking a bit of a stroll and we asked to get a photo of them. They were so happy to oblige. Sylvester even did that funny laugh that he used for Doctor Who. I was very impressed that they said yes to my taking a photo. I was told later that their minders usually stop you from doing that so we were very lucky.

How much does this guy look like Jack Sparrow?
The pirate cosplayers were fantastic. There were so many people wanting to be in photos with them. They look great though don't they. I cannot get over how the guy looks so much like Johnny Depp!

Cosplayers - Doctor Who 10th & 11th

Cosplayer - From Doctor Who dressed up as a soldier from UNIT

A very young Amy Pond & the 11th Doctor Who

I bought an adipose stress toy that they boys LOVE playing with

I bought my very own TARDIS. It's actually a cookie jar but I've put all my pens & pencils in it :D
I only have one small complaint about yesterday. Well two actually. My feet felt absolutely DEAD by the time we got back to the train station. We left at 7:45am and didn't get back home until 7:45pm. We had been standing/walking for at least 8 hours. So it's no surprise my feet hurt. My other complaint was that the boys, who got a bit stressed, kept bickering with each other. It drove me crazy.

I'm in the middle of scanning all the autographs/photos. I'll post pictures of those tomorrow :D
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