Saturday, September 10, 2011

Warragul Quilt & Craft Exhibition Sept 10 - 11

Angus and I went to the 3rd Annual Warragul Quilt & Craft exhibition that is on today & tomorrow. I asked if I was allowed to take some photos. I am so glad that they said yes but I used my mobile so the colours aren't as crash hot as they could be but boy did I see some wonderful quilts. There are so many talented local people around.

this was my one of my favourites

I love the country look :D

Look I found a crocheted item. They're hats with ribbons made into a quilt.

This one looks much better than the photo shows. The colours were beautiful.

I love the washing line. It had 'real' washing on it. This was one of my favourites too :)

What can I say I loved the flowers.

The photo doesn't do this quilt any justice. The purples were so bright!

oops a tad blurry but oh so pretty.

This was done in all blues :)

Angus loved the dinosaurs
I bought a few bits and pieces for myself. Some scrapbooking things and a couple of pieces of material. I took some photos of those once I got home. I'll share them another time.

The money raised from this weekend goes to our local hospital. So of course we had to buy a drink and a cake to have after we had seen everything. They even had diabetic friendly cake. It was a very moist fruit and really nice. Sadly though I forgot to take a photo of it. There's always next time ;o)
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