Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My New Do

Shock, horror I've posted another picture of me (o_0) & a self-portrait too. I had to show off my new haircut. I'm really impressed with how Sarah, my hairdresser, worked her magic. She always does a good job.

I had to brush my hair again. My fringe wasn't sitting right after being out in the wind.
I've not had my hair this short since I was a teenager. Although back then it was permed and all wavy. Maybe I can find a photo from back then & share it. Don't hold your breath though it may take some time to remember where I put all the old photos :P

I love how the back looks!     Please ignore the mess on my desk :-/  
One of the girls who works at the hairdressers commented on my hair colour. She said it looks lovely. I am biased though I love it too & its all natural! Even with a couple of stray greys in there.
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