Monday, August 08, 2011

Knock, Knock. Who's there?

Actually they never even got to knock on the door. Our loungeroom window faces the driveway and we can see all the cars coming and going in our shared driveway. So I actually saw the posties van pull up. I received the first of three parcels I am expecting this week. I'll tell you about the other ones once they have arrived. I can't spoil everything and tell it all at once ;) 

Thank you Mr. Postman, Luke, who brought me a parcel!
This particular parcel I have been expecting for about a week or more but it had to travel all the way from the UK. It arrived a bit earlier than I thought it would. In fact I was thinking it might arrive at the end of this week not the beginning.

Looks like yummy healthy slow cooked meals will be coming our way soon!
Would you believe that buying books from the UK is cheaper than getting them here in Australia? Well at least from this ebay seller. If I make some of the recipes I'll try to remember to photograph the finished product. Although I am not always that good at remembering to take pictures of something I have just made. I really am very forgetful that way.

I received a phone call from Brodie a little while ago. It looks like he is heading for another suspension. I told him to make sure he brings some work home & his TAFE folder just in case. He mentioned something about being kicked out of VCAL Literacy and swearing at the teacher *rolls eyes* That kid drives me to distraction! I pick him up from the bus stop in about half an hour. No doubt he will tell me more about it when I see him. Ratbag!!  
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