Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday & Some Other Stuff


I know on a Thursday I usually list a few things I am grateful for but there is something I need to get off my chest first. You see Brodie was a butt head at school today and has been suspended. I receive a phone call at 9:15am stating that I need to come and collect said butt head from school. Not bad considering school starts at 9am and I get a phone call within the first half hour. Needless to say that I am NOT impressed with Brodie. I thought that all of those suspension were well and truly over and done with. It was almost like being transported back a few years when I got 'those' types of phone calls ALL the time.

Here's what I am thankful for this week
  • my postie. He brought me my Tunisian crochet hooks this morning (it almost makes up for me having to drive up the mountain to collect Brodie from school)
  • the wonderful weather we have had the past couple of days. I might even drag Brodz out for a walk to the chemist & the supermarket. He can be my pack mule helper if I buy anything from the shop (although he has already said he wont do that but I know he will). 
  • that Angus has made an attempt at doing some homework this week (not sure how long that will last) 
  • that Mark is cleaning up the boys room (not that I am happy with the amount of washing coming out of the room) and it is looking almost 'normal again. I can actually see carpet! 
What are you thankful for this week?

    I had to share some photos of my new crochet hooks. They are quite big. Around 35cm (13 inches or so). I am really excited about getting them although I am not exactly sure what I with them yet. I know that I will be checking out some youtube videos though so I can learn how to knit & purl with them. Perhaps there will be some patterns on video too.

    My Tunisian Crochet hooks.

    They are heavier than I thought they would be.
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