Saturday, July 23, 2011

An Afternoon Stroll

It was such a lovely day today that I dragged the boys out for a walk with me to the supermarket. I only wanted a couple of things and taking the boys with me meant I didn't have to carry it by myself. I knew there was a reason to have kids other than to do the dishes =P

One of the Churches in town

The picture below of the hill by the supermarket doesn't do it justice. It really is much steeper than it looks. I have to admit that today's walk felt better than last weekends one on the same hill. Although I didn't walk up it this time around. At least I managed to burn off some of that glucose. I'm crossing my fingers that any BGL's I do later will be better than yesterdays. There were a tad on the higher side but still within the normal range, thank goodness.

The Coles Hill (well its the hill by Coles supermarket)

Not that I timed myself but I am pretty sure that I did more than the 30 minutes exercise that Karen (my Diabetes Educator) & Kerry (my dietitian) recommended and I feel pretty good about that!
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