Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Date

I picked Angus up after school yesterday so that we could go on a date. I mentioned that Angus missed out on going to the movies with his friend the other day so I told him that we could go to The Baker's Bean Cafe in town one day after school (it's a great little place and Suzi, the owner, is very friendly) and have a hot chocolate there. He's never had one in a cafe before and they certainly are much nicer than the ones we make at home.

Geez Mum, will you please stop taking photos of me?!?!
I'll admit that I did have a hot chocolate too. I'm not sure if I should've had one or not (I didn't know if I wanted to check my BSL later on) but I was good and didn't buy myself a muffin. Although it did look delicious.

I really am enjoying this hot chocolate.
Angus said that our 'date' was awesome and he would love it if we could go there again. I don't see why not :)

You can never have enough chocolate, especially if it comes in the shape of a giant triple chocolate muffin!
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