Friday, August 03, 2018

Psoriasis Clinical Trial Update

I received an email on Wednesday in regards to the psoriasis biologic trial. It's a lot more involved and longer than I was told it would be but that's okay.

Each visit (29 of them) may take up to 4 hours  some of them will involve a complete medical examination. I will be required to complete a daily diary on how my skin & mental health is going & there's a weekly questionnaire as well. There are some restrictions on medications, prescribed and OTC, that I can take and some that I may need to stop whilst on this trial.

However this is all subject to my passing the screening visit, which wont be for another couple of weeks. There will be only three patients accepted at this particular clinical trial It's a global study that has 100 other clinics participating. So I may not even qualify.

There is a small bonus though if I make it on to the trial, I will be entitled to some compensation in regards to my travel. As my Mum would have said, Every little bit helps said the little old lady as she widdled in to the ocean

The biologics involved are bimekizumab and adalimumab (humira).

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