Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Psoriasis Clinical Trial - I've Made my Decision

I have decided what I am doing in regards to the psoriasis clinical trial. I contacted the dermatology clinic this morning and told them that I am interested in proceeding with the trial.

So here's what will happen. The co-ordinator spoke with my derm, I am to continue taking my methotrexate until the screening appointment, which they are hoping will be in the middle of August. They don't want me to have a flare before then. If I meet the criteria and pass all the necessary blood test requirements I will stop taking the mtx and be part of the trial. If that doesn't happen, I assume that I go back to the original plan of stopping mtx and switching to cyclosporin.

 Even though I had reservations about participating in the trial I believe that I will be able to cope with what is expected. I'm not looking forward to all the travel involved but it will give me extra reading time or knitting/crochet time so that has to be a bonus, right?!

 One step at a time. Plus I may not even pass the screening. I've not got anything to lose really.

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