Sunday, June 10, 2018

My Last Ever Avon Order

As of Wednesday this past week Avon Australia no longer exists. It has closed it's doors permanently. Apparently it was no longer making a profit and the powers that be decided that Avon will no longer be sold in Australia and New Zealand.

I was very saddened by this. I had been an Avon rep for almost 16 years. Next month would have been my 16th anniversary. My Mum was a rep for 15 years before I joined. In fact she was a rep right up until the day she passed away.

These items were from my very last order. For representatives only. Items were heavily discounted. I guess they didn't want to send products over to the US or wherever they were going to send them.

I bought myself a pretty ring watch. Mark thinks it's gawdy but I like it.
The others stuff below, well I couldn't pass up buying some moisturisers. They are pretty good ones and very gentle on my psoriasis. 

Now I need to find replacement deodorants. I've only used Avon ones for the past 30 years. At least I have a stock pile which should last a couple of years, hopefully. I am sure that by then I would have found my 'new' selection.

It's the end of an era. I have many fond memories of the products from over the years. There have been a few favourites that's for sure. Time to look for some new favourites now.

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