Friday, June 01, 2018

Fun Shopping

I love the purple notebook it has cute little cupcakes on it. Not that you can see them :/ 

While we were in Adelaide I had to go to Spotlight.  After all it was only a few minutes from Vicki's place and I wanted to get some yarn to use on the train trip home. 

I think I got a bit excited about being in the store, our closest one at home is almost an hours drive away & I didn't know when I would be near a Spotlight again, so I bought some supplies for my bullet journalling. I did behave though as I wanted to purchase so much more but I didn't dare too. After all I needed to find room to bring this stuff back in our luggage and some things that I was given that belonged to my Dad as well. As it was I needed to buy a new bag to put it all in.

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