Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Overland Train

Brodie and I came home via The Overland.
That's 828 km (514.495 miles) of travel from Adelaide to Melbourne and around 11 hours of travel time. Which is equivalent to the length of time it takes to drive from where we were staying to our home.

It was nice to sit back and relax but Brodie kept questioning me about our choice of transport. He loved our flight over and wondered why we didn't fly back. To be honest I questioned my choice myself but price won out. It was so much cheaper via the train than the plane. Plus I got to sit, read and crochet.

Leaving Adelaide from Keswick
We left at 7:45 am ACST and arrived in Melbourne at 7:00 pm AEST
Then of course we had to travel from Melbourne to home and that was another 80 minutes or so on a vline train. It made for a very long day and sadly I wasn't feeling very well when we arrived in Melbourne.

I had forgotten how pretty the Adelaide hills were. It's a shame I didn't take the photo above a minute or so later because the next paddock was filled with kangaroos.

^^ Murray Bridge^^ was our first stop

Not that you can see it properly, but the photo above shows the River Murray. It's the longest river in Australia and spans three states. It's 2508 km (1558 miles).

The photo above is the train station at Bordertown. Our longest serving Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, was born here. The house named Hawke House is still standing and is currently being used as a Centrelink (Social security) office. 

Considering it is almost winter and we have had some rain, I just couldn't get over how brown everything still was. They could certainly use some rain in the Wimmera region.


I snoozed after we left Ararat.
The scenery was pretty much the same as in the above photos.

I really wanted to take photos of Geelong when we went through but it was dark outside by then and any photo that I would have taken from my phone would only reflect off the window. It did look very pretty with all of the lights but to be honest the train mostly went thorough the industrial area.

It certainly was a very long day. Brodie and I didn't get home until after 9:00 pm.
Even though we sat down for most of the journey I was exhausted and as I mentioned previously I was unwell. I was in bed early. Much earlier than I usually would be. I even managed to sleep for 9 hours so I guess I really needed. 

I know it sounds cliche but there really is no place like home!! 

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