Friday, April 06, 2018

My Poor Car

My car is sick. We checked the usual stuff on Saturday, you know the coolant and the oil, as part of our weekly routine maintenance. Only trouble was that the cable to open the bonnet had broken and we couldn't open it. Mark had to grab some pliers in order to get the bonnet open.

As Brodie was checking the oil Mark noticed that it didn't look right. Turns out that there is water/coolant in the oil. The car was fine when we checked it the week before.
Of course it being Easter weekend everything was closed and we were only able to take it to the mechanic yesterday as he had been flat out!

Goodness knows how much longer my car will be off the road OR how much it will cost. Frankly I am a little worried that it will be a bit of a money pit. But that being said, somehow, we always manage to get by. Although I have visions of us eating lots of meals made with mince (ground beef) and plenty of two minute noodles being consumed in our near future. Hopefully it's just a blown head gasket and that the costs are within our means. However, that is not what the mechanic mentioned when we dropped the car off yesterday...

With luck I may have my car back early next week ... Hmm maybe now Mark informed me that the mechanic may not even look at the car until Monday *sob*
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