Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Bullet Journal - April Set Up

The Commonwealth Games begins on April 4th so I thought I would use that as my theme for the month. It's being held on the Gold Coast. 

I cheated a little and printed out the logo that is being used for the games but the doodles of the sports are mine. Not the best cover page I've done but at least it shows the sentiment, right?

I also chose the colours green and yellow as part of my theme. Mainly because our sporting colours are green and gold. Not that you see much of that in these photos.

I also printed out the competition schedule & stuck that in.

My April tracker & mood tracker came from my boho berry box.

My first weekly spread looks a little blank for now. Mainly because I am still deciding what to put on the top of that second page. I am thinking perhaps some sporting doodles would look good or even a medal tally for the week. Maybe even both.

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