Tuesday, March 06, 2018

New Aircon

We live in public housing. That means if we want to do major alterations we need to get permission to do certain things such as installing garden sheds, ceiling fans or air-conditioning etc. 

Since am classified at the primary tenant of our home, the women usually are, I applied to housing and listed that Mark needs air-conditioning due to his having fibromyalgia (fibro).
I included a letter/form from the occupational therapist who saw Mark a while back and also one from his GP stating that Mark has fibro.

I received a letter from housing last week stating that it had been approved. I thought that it would take a reasonable length of time before they came to install the unit but to my surprise they phoned last Friday stating that they would be here on Monday (yesterday).

They workers, including the electrician, arrived around 9 am and were finished by 11 am or so.
Too bad summer is officially over now. However, that being said, we do sometimes get some hot days in March and April. We may get to use this thing yet.
I can't get over how quiet it is! 

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