Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Finished Items - Crochet - 7 inch Tablet Covers

Mark and I are giving our old 7 inch tablets to a niece and nephew.
They've been tidied up and wiped clean. I thought I would send them new tablet covers to go with them. Our niece is a bit of a tomboy so no girly colours or patterns for her.
So, it's a variegated yarn (left over from the shawl I made) and a stripe pattern in blue (it's not finished yet). Since they are relatively plain they can decide who gets what once their parcel arrives.
The kids don't know they are coming, only Matk's sister does. It will be a lovely surprise for them. 

To be honest if it were me I would want something more but this is what the kids prefer. Their Mum, Sally, asked them what sort of covers kids their age might like because I was curious to know what to make for pre-teens and teenagers. A little sneaky but it's what they suggested.

I would have gone for minions, animals, flowers and other things. Oh well. What do I know I no longer have teenagers!

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