Friday, April 14, 2017

Health Update: Diabetes & Diverticulosis

I went and saw my GP the other day to get the results from the colonoscopy I had at the end of March. It turns out that I have Diverticular throughout my large intestine. Most people only have them in their descending colon.

I found a couple of interesting articles that may help me out &/or provide me with information.
A Diverticulitis Diet Plan and one about what Diverticulitis Disease is.

My GP said they don't know why this occurs in some people and not others. From what I have read it is most likely caused by the type of diets people eat. I have had these symptoms on and off for years but I never got around to saying anything to my doctor. For now, what I need to do now is increase my fibre, add psyllium husk to my diet, exercise and drink more water.

I also got the results from my latest HbAlc blood test. It's gone down even more. It was 5.7  (or 39 mmol/mol) The good news is that it's in normal glucose range. My last HbA1c was 5.9 so I must be doing something right since my levels have been going down over the last few years.

Even though I may have other health issues to deal with (arthritis and psoriasis) at least my diabetes is well controlled.

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