Saturday, January 28, 2017

Scalp psoriasis

I've been having problems with the psoriasis on my scalp for the past few months.
I came across an article from the National Psoriasis Foundation with some Do's and Don'ts in regards to your scalp. You can find it HERE on their website.

I shall be testing out some of these tips. That being said I have used some of my medicated creams on my scalp and also a moisturiser with cocoa butter in it. My thinking is if my hair is going to be greasy it may as well smell nice. I wash it out each morning. Sadly, I have noticed that I get a reasonable amount of hair breakage. I'm not sure if it is because of the lotions & potions or not. Oh well *sigh*

I have an appointment next week to get my haircut. I don't want to have a horrible flare before I go to this new hairdresser. Although I have told her that I have psoriasis. She said it doesn't matter. So that's a good start, right?
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