Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas in Summer

We're all set to celebrate Christmas in our home. It's going to be a VERY HOT weekend. The perils of having Christmas during Summer! At least it's not going to be as hot for us as it will be for my family who live in South Australia.

We have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. It's been our tradition for several years now and stems from Mark's mothers side of the family, who are from the Netherlands.

Since it's going to be a really hot day and I am cooking a roast dinner. I didn't want to  use the oven so I have opted to cook Lamb Obsession (using a lamb roast) in my slow cooker. We've had this a few times using chops or lamb shanks & it's a big hit so I know this will go down well tonight.

Tomorrow will be even hotter. Getting close to the old century mark (100°F - 38°C) but I am hoping that the weather bureau got it wrong and it will be cooler. The wonderful plus side of living in the southern hemisphere when Christmas time rolls around. At least it isn't as bad as when I was a kid in Adelaide. I am sure we had temperatures around 45°C and we even went outside to play in the heat. Far out we must have been either mad or we didn't know any better?!

We've lots of cold drinks at the ready. If it remains hot for a long period of time I will need to put my Diabetes Hot Weather Plan into action. I probably should any way just to be on the safe side.

Anyway, I have to get things ready to go into the slow cooker for tonight. I am looking forward to dinner just not the hot weather that's been predicted for the next few days. Thank goodness it should be cooler by the end of next week. Something to look forward to.

Stay cool or warm depending on where you live. Merry Christmas!!

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