Saturday, November 05, 2016

Lucky Me I'm A HOH

I have been having problems for a few weeks with my hearing. I have a constant low hum with the occasional high pitched whistle. Not only that I would have problems hearing the boys while out walking. Especially Brodie because he walks ahead of me and he doesn't turn around when he speaks.

When I mentioned it to my GP that I was having problems hearing Mark and the boys. I wasn't sure if they were speaking more softly to annoy me or that I just wasn't hearing them. He told me that might be the case but when I told him that I hear a constant hum (it reminds me of a computer hum, not loud but always there) and the high pitched whistle he said that I have tinnitus. He checked my ears and said my left eardrum didn't look quite right and there was some inflammation there. Plus I have that stupid psoriasis in my ears *sigh*. My GP suggested that I have a hearing test done.

I had that test this afternoon. It turns out that I have high frequency hearing loss in both ears but the left is the worst. Although I have the hearing loss my 'speech hearing' is very good. I have to admit though I did concentrate very hard to hear the words clearly. There were a couple of words that tricked me a little but I must have gotten them correct.

I don't need hearing aids (for now). I just need people to face me when they are speaking to me which should help me when I am having problems. Unless things change I don't need to go back for three years. They will send me a reminder when it's time.

So lucky me! I am a HOH. A person who is Hard of Hearing. They don't call it Hearing Impaired anymore apparently. I am just like my hubby. That's one more thing we have in common (o_O)
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