Saturday, November 12, 2016

Crochet Bookmarks

When Brodie and I were at the Austin Hospital last week for his tests and specialist appointments I knew I had to take some crocheting with me. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to make initially but then I thought about how nice it would be to try and make bookmarks for all of the sisters in our ward at Church. I had made some previously and handed them out to some of the sisters but I thought it would be nice for those I hadn't had the chance to give them to.

I didn't have a lot of cotton but I began working with what I had.
Thankfully there was a 25% off yarn sale at Spotlight this week. I bought some more blue, two different greens and a purple ball of cotton.

I made 23 bookmarks during the time I was there. Mostly in the evenings when we weren't at the hospital itself. We stayed at the Lions House in Heidelberg. It's a lovely place. Definitely a home away from home.

Angus asked me how long it took to make one bookmark. Funnily enough I had timed myself. It took 18 minutes but I have gotten the time down to 15 minutes per bookmark. Not bad if I say so myself.

I have added to this collection of bookmarks since I got home. I have around 30 now. I'm not sure I have enough for everyone though. But since they don't take too long to make I will whip up some more before tomorrow morning.

The pattern is called Easy Shell Bookmark, It's the same pattern I used before but sadly it isn't available online anymore and I didn't have it printed *sigh* so I went from the picture.

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