Saturday, October 08, 2016

Silly Council Messed Up The Park

Our local council decided to "upgrade" and "beautify" the local pond in Civic Park.
The photo above is what it looks like today. All of the beautiful plants are gone, including the water lily that made the pond look amazing.
Sadly the only ones that seem to be enjoying the new look are the ducks.

Below are some photos of what the pond looked like before it all happened.

The bushes on the left of the photo show the plants around the poond.

Ahead of the ducks and to the right are more plants surrounding the pond.

What the water lily looked like on one side of the pond.

I understand the councils need to remake the bridge over the pond(s) & the new walkway looks nice but to have removed all of the plants that made the area look nice is something I just don't get.
Council are the first ones to complain and fine you if you chop down a tree without their permission. I believe they should have asked the public about the park before they wrecked it. Just my thoughts ...

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