Monday, October 17, 2016

Hearing Trouble

I went to see my GP Friday afternoon. I needed to get some repeat prescriptions and let him know a couple of annoying things I have noticed over the last few months that I keep forgetting to mention when I see him or one of the other doctors in our clinic.

First of all I mentioned that I sometimes have a whistling in my ear. It's not there all the time but it's annoying. I also have what I refer to as a hum, kind of like the background noise from a computer. It's nearly always there, actually come to think if it, maybe it is always there. I also mentioned that I don't know if Mark and the boys have started mumbling or not but I am finding it difficult to always understand them. That I need to ask them to repeat what they have said or that they need to face me and talk a little louder because I can't hear them.

Marlon checked out my ear. I have lots of psoriasis in there, which I knew, but I also have a bit of inflammation and a not quite right looking ear drum. I have some ear drops now which I need to use three times a day which should help with the inflammation.
I did have a burst ear drum in that same ear when I was in my late teens. I was wondering if that had anything to do with it. It's not all that likely but you never know, right?

I need to go have a hearing test. Lucky me. Fortunately for me there is a place in town that does them so I wont need to travel far. Unfortunately I don't know whether this will be covered by medicare or whether I shall need to pay for the test. I guess I shall find out when I phone for an appointment.

Second thing was I mentioned the pain I was having in my left hip. Mostly when I walk and sometimes when I stand up after sitting down for extended periods of time. After a little poking and prodding, Marlon found the exact spot that hurts. I was told it was highly likely that it's a trochanteric bursitis. Now I need to go have an ultrasound guided steroid injection if it is needed. I am not looking forward to having an injection but if that is what's needed then so be it. Maybe the ultrasound will show that it isn't a bursitis and that will be all. I can still cope with the pain. At least for now anyway.
Fortunately there is now an x-ray place in town (it only opened 2 months ago) so I am able to go there to get it done.

I am thinking we are very blessed in our little town to have so many things close by that we no longer have to travel to the city or to the hospitals in other towns.

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