Sunday, September 25, 2016

WIP - Crochet - Baby Beanies

The Relief Society in my ward are holding a service project next Saturday (Oct 1st). Some of the sisters will be helping to clean Old Gippstown, a small town within Moe where you can experience what Gippsland was like during the 1850's (now that it's spring there will be more tourists and activities coming up there) and other sisters will be making beanies for babies to donate to the local hospitals. You can guess which one I have decided to help with.

Here are some of the beanies I have made so far to take with me.

I chose red because who doesn't like bright colours? There is no need for pinks and blues for baby all of the time. 

Some of the patterns I have used are by Heather from Just Crochet
Heather has some lovely freebie patterns available on her website (outfits and beanies) as well as her paid ones of course.

I hope to have quite a few beanies made before next weekend. It doesn't take all that long to whip them up so I hope to have at least a dozen or so to take with me.

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