Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brodie's Post Op Check Up

 I took Brodie to the Austin Hospital yesterday for his first Post Op check up. I thought we only had two appointments but we actually had three.

Brodie saw the Neurosurgeon, Neuropsychologist and his Neurologist.

All three were very happy with his healing progress. He was given the all clear to begin his regular activities again, such as walking, going back to church and seeing his personal trainer. Even though he is allowed to start going back to 'normal' he will need to be careful to not overdo things.

I'm not sure that Brodie realises that he will still get tired and that things may still overwhelm him. He is still hypersensitive to some sounds and light but it is slowly improving.

We wont need to go back to the Austin until November. We will need to stay there for three days in order for Brodie to have several tests repeated (the same ones he had prior to surgery) such as an MRI, visual perception test and I think there is another one that I can't think of right now. While we are there he will also see his neurologist and the neuropsychologist.

All that matters is that Brodie is healing and he is still seizure free! He hasn't had a seizure since early July. It's been five and a half weeks since his surgery.
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