Friday, August 12, 2016

Lions House - Home Away From Home

Before Brodie had surgery last week we needed to visit the Austin Hospital everyday for various appointments from MRI's to Visual Perceptions tests.

We didn't wish to travel back and forth to Gippsland everyday. It's a 101 km (62.7585 miles) trip from our home to the hospital (one way only). Not only is that very time consuming, especially during peak hour traffic, we just couldn't afford the fuel to travel back and forth everyday.

We were fortunate enough to stay at Lions House in Heidelberg. 
It truly was a home away from home. We met quite a few lovely people there.

Brodie has some follow up appointments in September and then a whole series of tests scheduled for November (about 6 appointments over 3 days) . We are going to be booked in at Lions House when we return for the tests.

The room we stayed in.

One of the communal lounge and kitchen areas.

Brodz busy on Facebook.

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