Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bucket List

Just a bit of fun. This was on Facebook and snagged from one of my cousins.

The bucket list marked with a heart if done. I didn't make the list but I was interested to see what I have and haven't done.

Been Married πŸ’
Been divorced πŸ’
Fell in love πŸ’
Gone on a blind date πŸ’
Wagged schoolπŸ’
Watched someone give birth 
Watched someone die πŸ’
Been to MelbourneπŸ’
Ridden in an ambulanceπŸ’
Been to Adelaide πŸ’
Been to Tasmania
Been to Perth
Been to Sydney πŸ’
Been to Canberra
Been to Darwin πŸ’
Been to Gold Coast
Been to the ocean πŸ’
Played in snow
Been skinny dipping
Seen Ayers Rock in person
Flown in a helicopter
Been on a cruise
Served on a jury
Been in a movie
Danced in the rain πŸ’
Been in a plane πŸ’
Played in a band
Sang karaoke πŸ’
Laughed so much you cried πŸ’
Laughed so hard you pee'd
Caught a snowflake on your tongue
Had a child(ren) πŸ’
Had a pet(s) πŸ’
Had a Pen-Pal πŸ’
Been sledding on a big hill
Rolled down a hill πŸ’
Been downhill skiing
Been water skiing
Been snow skiing
Rode on a motorcycle
Been in a drag race
Won a Grand Final - never played in one but I got to see an AFL Grand Final. It was my football team, so close enough (~_o)
Travelled to all Australian states
Been to a drive-in movie πŸ’
Swam with Sharks
Swam with Dolphins
Fed an elephant
Rode an elephant
Fed a Kangaroo πŸ’
Held a Koala - no but I did see them up close. They are very cute but with VERY sharp claws.
Rode a Horse πŸ’
Held a snake πŸ’
Been on TV πŸ’
Been in the newspaper πŸ’
Stayed in the Hospital πŸ’
Donated blood
Gotten a piercing πŸ’
Gotten a tattoo
Driven a column shift vehicle - I can drive a 4 on the floor though
Been scuba diving
Lived on your own πŸ’
Rode in the back of a police car
Got a speeding ticket πŸ’
Gotten stitches πŸ’
Travelled Alone πŸ’
Had writing published
Been in a hot air balloon
Been skydiving

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