Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Here's what I am thankful for this week:
  • being able to go to Temple today! I'm very excited and a little bit nervous. It's a very special thing. 
  • that Lise will be accompanying me to the temple. We leave shortly. I am so glad to be going with a friend 
  • Brodie went on a date last week, his first in several years. He took a lovely girl from Church to the movies. Sadly however, he was friend-zoned. At least they are really good friends do that's something to be grateful for.
  • Brodie had an appointment with his neurologist yesterday afternoon. He was able to talk with him about the surgery he has decided to undertake. Brodz was very confident in his decision and with the possible outcome. I am grateful that he was able to come to a decision without any pressure from other people.
  • Mark and the strength he has shown in quitting smoking. It's been two months now. WTG! 
  • Angus and the fact that he is really enjoying his work right now. He is loving the fact that he is painting and being taught to safely lop trees

What are you thankful for?

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