Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Epilepsy Video Monitoring

Brodie went in to hospital on Sunday night. Well, to the Medi-hotel on Sunday and he was admitted yesterday for his two week video monitoring study.

They have lowered his epilepsy medication doses in the hopes that he will have seizures and they can inject him with a radio active dye to see which part of the brain the seizures are coming from. The poor thing has had two seizures today. One in the early hours of the morning and the other one this afternoon.

Brodie is very scared about having the seizures. To be honest I don't blame him. I would be concerned as well. That being said I know he is in the best place right now. The nurses will look after him and I am sure the neurologist will visit him again on the ward very soon.

I'll be joining him tomorrow for a couple of days. I just hope that I can hold it together when he has a seizure. I'm not all that good when they happen. I tend to cry a because it distresses me so much when I see them. He needs me to be there for him so I had better be strong.
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