Friday, April 08, 2016

At The Austin

Wednesday was a very long day. Brodie and I woke up at 6 am because Brodie needed to eat breakfast early due to needing to fast from 7 am for his PET scan at 1 pm.
He also had a SPECT scan at 11 am. Trying to find the places he needed to be was like going through a maze. Up and down different levels and around lots of corners. Thankfully we found them okay. Trying to find the way out was another story.

It seemed to take forever before his tests were complete and Brodie could have a snack and a hot drink before we got into the car for the almost 2 hour drive home.

These photos are of the entrance to the Olivia Newton John Health and Wellness Centre at the Austin Hospital. It looks very lovely and peaceful. It looked even prettier at night when Brodie and I walked past it to go to his MRI scan.

We stayed at the Medi-Hotel which is just a minutes walk from this pretty little area. It's on the other side of that concrete wall in the second photo and downs some steps.

I am just so glad that we are home and that is one thing I can cross of my busy (and stressful) 'to do list'. Now all I need to do is survive the next 16 days and I'll be fine!

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