Monday, March 14, 2016

Finished Item - Crochet - Baby Dress

All complete! 
This pattern (JC166B) from Just Crochet looks very pretty once it's complete.
The skirt looks quite full too. This one measures around 12 inches from the shoulder to the hem. That's just over 30 cm in length.

Front of dress

Back of dress

I originally thought of my nieces granddaughter when I made this but I am not sure it will fit her though. Little Sienna-Grace is growing so quickly it may be too small for her now.
I think I shall add this to my completed pile and see if Brodie's friend, Jess, who is due in a few weeks has a little girl. If she does I'll pass it on to her. If not I'll just hang on to it for the K4C group or to put it away just in case it's needed elsewhere.

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