Friday, February 12, 2016

♪♫♪ Happy Birthday to Me ♫♪♫

 photo noname.jpg

This sewing box is replacing my 36 year old sewing box that is falling apart. 

I went shopping yesterday at Spotlight with Angus to buy some things for my birthday. 
I love how I was able to purchase the sewing box at half the price!
The yarn winder I received earlier this week is also for my birthday. 

The yarn in the bag is just like the blue yarn I used for a Call the Midwife blanket.
This colour is a shade of green not that you can tell in this photo.

5 balls of yarn for $10 .. yes I know there is more than 5 there but they were on special. 30% off!!

I'm not sure what the boys will give me, other than some dvds, because they are both asleep at the moment. From what they have hinted at they are from TV shows that I love.
I am guessing Call the Midwife will be one of them.
I'll let my babies sleep and I shall find out later.

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