Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Art Exhibition

Brodie and I went to an Art exhibition in town over the weekend. It's part of the Ficifolia Festival. There are so many talented artists around. They even had a section for fibre art and wearable art. If I had known that I would have entered some of my crochet... oh well. Here's some photos of the artwork I really enjoyed looking at.

The family of Kookaburras is my favourite. They look so realistic!

This one was on a tile and looked amazing! 

The water looks so inviting. Especially when we were there at the exhibition. It was a HOT morning and we had been walking about town before we went to check out the artwork on the way home.

The galahs ^^ above ^^ are my favourite native bird. I had a pet one once who used to chat away telling everyone he was a pretty bird.

The eyes of the cat in this painting looks amazingly real.

The one above is a mosaic tile. (sorry it's not the best photo)  It shows the main area of the town we live in. I love it.

A Purple people eater hat - crocheted of course

The dress is knitted but the hat and bag are crocheted.

Love the combie van. 

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