Friday, January 08, 2016

I've Lost MORE Weight

I was looking at some gorgeous dresses and skirts online and wondering about the size I would need to purchase for myself. Considering the weight that I have been losing recently I had thought I better get the old tape measure out and compare my measurements to that on the website for the sizes. Turns out I have lost another inch around the waist, yay! But sadly another inch off the boobs *sigh*

Maybe I should hold off purchasing those clothes for a little while longer. As of this morning I have lost 12.4 kg (27.33 lb) in the last three months. However, the BIG total when I weighed my heaviest & I was diagnosed with Diabetes in July 2011 .. may I have a drum roll please ... is now 33.5 kg (73.85 lb).

It's no wonder some of my pants were falling down if I had my phone in my pocket :) At least all the calorie counting and the walking is paying off big time.
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