Friday, December 11, 2015

My Baby Has Severe Sleep Apnoea

Angus participated in a sleep study back in October. I was thinking just a few days ago about how he went with it. I was informed when we made the booking that if it was bad that the Professor's office would contact us and we would get an earlier appointment that the one we have in February.

On Tuesday I received a phone call from our Doctors Clinic. The nurse who I spoke with said that the results came in and that Dr F has seen the report. It's not urgent but please come in to discuss the findings. I had already booked myself an appointment for Thursday (yesterday) was it okay for Angus to come and see him then? Sure no problem. Brodz also had an appointment too.

Yesterday the three of us went in to see our G.P. Brodz went first. I knew that Angus wouldn't want his brother to know what was going on. Not until he was ready to talk about it with him in his own time. Once Brodie left the room it was Angus's turn. It turns our my baby has very severe sleep apnoea. It has been recommended that he lose weight (he is a little tubby but certainly not overweight) and that he needs a c-pap machine.

I knew that he had sleep apnoea. After seeing news items on TV and from attending the Diabetes Support Group when someone came in to talk about it with us. I could tell that he had it. Although Angus being a teenager and being as strong-willed as he is you just cannot force him to do anything.

I asked our doctor if , in any way his adnoids may be part of the problem. They may very well be. Dr F. is sending a referral off to an ENT specialist. We were advised that it may take several months to get in to see one as we don'thave private health insurance. He will mention in the referral that Angus has had the sleep study done and what the results were. We will still bee seeing Prof. Sasse in February as planned.

For now I will continue to worry about my baby when he sleeps. I often listen out for his snoring. I worry when I cannot hear it. I am just surprised that if it was severe that we hadn't heard from the Professors office for an earlier appointment.  I guess now we play the waiting game.
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