Friday, December 04, 2015

Dietitian - Health Update

Yesterday was a super busy day with lots of running around and lots of walking. I walked around 7.57 km (4.7 miles). Boy was I pooped last night when I went to bed.

My dietitian, Ulla, was very pleased when I saw her. She said that I have a very balanced diet (she had me record everything I ate over the past week). She was happy that I made good choices too. I went out last weekend for an early Christmas party and made smart food choices. It was also Angus's birthday on Monday and I made good choices then too. Only having half serves of dessert.

To top things off I had lost 2 kg since I saw her last. ALL GOOD!! I don't mind stepping on the scales at the moment. Especially when I see the numbers are dropping.

Ulla's tip for me over the Christmas break was to try to maintain my weight and not to put anything on. Sounds good to me but I am hoping that I will continue to lose some weight. If I don't that's okay but it would be a bonus if I did.

I am trying to base my food choices on the healthy food pyramid above but it's not always easy eating as much as it recommends. So I try to stick with the following:

  • no more than 4 bread, pasta, potato or rice serves a day
  • 2 - 3 serves of dairy per day
  • 2 -3 serves of fruit per day (not always an easy thing to achieve)
  • 4 serves of vegetables a day (sometimes I am able to achieve 5)
  • 1 serve of protein a day (sometimes I have 2)
Ulla didn't say too much about that when I told her what I based my days on. So I guess I am doing the right thing.

I don't have an appointment to see her again. She said she will phone me up in February or March to see how I am going and find out whether I need to see her then. I'm crossing my fingers that I can continue to drop some weight and reach my target weight. That would be amazing. If I reach my target then I would have dropped 37 kilos (81 lb) since I was initially diagnosed with Diabetes. So far I have lost 30 kg (66 lb). You never know I may even aim for more.
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