Sunday, September 20, 2015

Meet Issy My New Baby Girl

Mark could see how awfully sad I was with losing Trip. In fact I felt so bad I just didn't have the energy to do anything. I didn't even want to go shopping for fun, which is something I would usually jump at the chance to do.

Mark pretty much put his foot down and made me go out on Friday. He wanted to take me to the RSPCA to just look at kitties. In fact there were 32 at the shelter when we looked on the website. Looking online is one thing, Driving there was something totally different. Plus it was an hour away.

Reluctantly I got in the car with Mark & Brodie, Angus wanted to remain at home, and we drove to Pearcedale, our closest RSPCA.

Just looking at all the cats did make me feel better. With all these gorgeous kitties being so happy that someone was coming to look at them, talk with them and pat them through the fences made most of them happy, vocal and affectionate.

There were three or four that I liked the look of. Who came up to me. Kissed or licked my hand. But this little one, Issy, came out of her basket for me. Just for me. She just looked at Mark and Brodie but moved for me. Even one of the handlers said she hadn't seen her out of her basket.

OMGosh she is just so affectionate. With lots of head butts and smooching. She won me over. She now has a new forever home.

She isn't too sure of C.K. yet. In fact she growled big time at him. I think C.K. is a bit scared of her at the moment. I also think his nose is a bit out of joint as we have closed of the other end of the house where all the bedrooms are. It's Issy's domain for now.

I still feel bad that we had to put Trip down but as Mark has said to me getting a new cat will help me to focus on something else. He's right it does but I still miss Trip like crazy.

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