Sunday, August 23, 2015

Walking Challenge Achieved

I mentioned that I received a fitbit in the post the other day.
I have been challenging myself to reach the goal of 10,000 steps.

Last night before I went to bed I had around 300 steps to go. Being so close to achieving this goal and not knowing when I would be able to be this close again I had to do my best to walk just that little bit more. The only thing was it was almost midnight and the steps reset then.
I walked up and down the hallway and into the kitchen until I made it. I had two minutes to spare!

I have to admit though, My right knee is now paying for all of that walking. I seriously don't think I shall be able to make that many steps today. That being said though. I wont sit down and not move today. I just wont be going for a stroll with the boys today. I don't feel like it right now but it's still early yet. Who knows how I will feel later today.

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