Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Podiatrist Check Up - My Feet

I had my yearly check up with the podiatrist yesterday. As far as my diabetes and my feet are concerned everything is really going well. As far as psoriasis and my feet are going, not so much. I guess one out of two isn't so bad is it? 

All the tests that Stuart did on my feet as part of my diabetes check up were perfect. Pulse was good in both feet as were the responses to the vibration and touch tests. He said I don't need to come back to see him for another twelve months. Well, at least not where my diabetes is concerned.

I can come back to see him if I get ticked off with my toe nails. To be honest I absolutely hate the fact that I have psoriasis in my nails. It makes my feet (toes) look absolutely disgusting! I have tried filing them like he suggested but I am lucky to be able to use one emery board to one toe some days. The nails get so thick and gross. I can only do so much before I finally give up in frustration.
It looks like I may need to go back more often or I should just invest in some more emery boards and try to keep on top of how nice and normal my toes look right now. 

You know some days I just HATE my skin! I shouldn't complain really. It does look a lot better than it used to.

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