Friday, March 27, 2015

Diabetes Check Up


I had to see my GP yesterday for a follow up for my Diabetes and a general check-up just to see how I am going. He made me get on the scales. Something I absolutely dread doing. The scales at home had shown that I had lost some weight but only a couple of kilos. In fact over the past month I had lost and gained weight that I was becoming very stressed about it all. In fact I had been in tears about it several times. It was a constant seesaw and I hated it.

Imagine my surprise when I get on the scales in his office and find out that I have actually lost 4 kilos since I saw him last month. His scales are much kinder than the ones at home. My GP has advised me not to even bother getting on the scales at home. But of course I will.

Since I was diagnosed back in July 2011 I have now lost just over 23 kilos (50.7 lbs). I guess that means I keep doing what I am doing and see how things go from here. Cross your fingers for me that I am still successful next month when I see him again.
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