Sunday, January 04, 2015

Adelaide Hills Bushfire

MFS fire crew battle a fire on Wattle Rd, Kersbrook, South Australia. Picture: Campbell Brodie.
I have been almost glued to the news and social media for the past few days trying to find out and read as much info about the fire in the Adelaide hills and the fires here in Victoria. It is always heartbreaking to see any fire but even more so when it involves people, home and animals.

I cried when I heard about a Boarding Kennel and Cattery burning down. About 40 of the dogs were save but none of the cats where. It is just horrible. Some families have lost their homes, including some othat belong to the CFS (Country Fire Service) Volunteers.

Most of my family & friends live in Adelaide. Some of my family even live in the Adelaide hills. Sadly though I am not all that close to them, we never really have been, so I am unsure as to how they are faring or even how close the fire is in relation to where they live. I just pray that they are all safe from harm wherever they are,

Let me tell you I have shed a few tears over this already. Angus wants to ban me from watching the news because I get so upset. Not happening kiddo. I shall continue to watch but thanks for your concern all the same.

Weather conditions have eased over night, The bushfires here in Victoria have all been downgraded. The fire in the Adelaide hills still continues, There has even been mention of it continuing for weeks. I shudder at that thought. I am praying the weather remains calm enough for the CFS to get a good handle on things before the weather changes midweek when the wind is due to pick up again.

If you wish to find out more about the fires check out the following links
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For now I am enjoying the cool change that arrived overnight and the refreshing showers that have come along with it. I have opened my home up in order to let it really cool down, And of course I shall be keeping an eye on the news in regards to the Adelaide hills fire.

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