Tuesday, December 30, 2014

They Called It An Un-Scheduled Power Outage

Our power went off last night at around 7:20 pm and it didn't come back until just after 2:30 pm today. We were without electricity for about 19 hours. I didn't mind the fact that we were without power too much last night but when I woke up and the power was still off this morning I wasn't feeling too good about it.

I had to borrow Mark's portable charger for my phone which had gone completely flat overnight. I was able to go to AP Ausnet which is the company responsible for keeping the power poles, power lines etc up and running. Last night when I had checked it said that the power should be back on by 1:30 am. This morning they had amended it to 1 pm. Which I thought wasn't too bad but when I rechecked it and saw that it was now amended to 5 pm tonight I was beginning to worry.

I have a chest freezer in the laundry which is chock full of food. Not to mention the food in the fridge/freezer. I was concerned that the food would be defrosted and that I would have to cook it all up and some how work out how we were going to afford to replace all if it. When the power came back on I had to check everything. There's a couple of items in the fridge I might throw out just to be on the safe side but the stuff in the freezers seemed okay. The only thing that seemed to have thawed out a bit were the loaves of bread and that was only the first 3 loaves that the top. I am hoping and assuming that the stuff that was lower down in the chest freezer were okay after all even out icy poles (ice-blocks) hadn't melted. So it's all good, right? I hope so any way.

Another reason  I am glad the power is back on is the boys. I couldn't stand their moaning and groaning about being bored. Sheesh. You would think they would find something to do but NO they didn't now that the majority of their items (phones, tablets) had gone flat. My suggestions of cleaning the bathroom and sweeping the floor/carpet went unnoticed. You can't say I didn't try to get them to do something! Me though I was happy sitting on the couch getting some extra crochet time in ☺☺☺

Oh and the cause for the power outage. A tree in a street a block from our place took out a power pole and the power lines attached to it. It explains why it took a lot longer than they initially predicted to get the power back up and running again.
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